How To Improve Your Mobile App Performance

Performance plays a very important role in the success of an app. According to a study if the loading time of your app is more than two seconds then you can lose a big chunk of customers. Mobile app development company USA understands the problem very well and provide the best solutions to its clients. In today's world, the user wants a more efficient, reliable and fast app.
The patience of the users are going down day by day and they want an app with minimal interruptions and good performance. According to a study by Amazon, it is observed that a meager 100-millisecond the decrease in their page loading time resulted in a 1% increase in revenue. 1% appears to be a very small number but this amount is very huge.
In this article, I am going to discuss how you can improve the speed or performance of your app.

Right server
It is very important that you should select a proper or a good server because the server provides a background or the environment where apps can run and do what they are designed for. The server connects the end-user to the back-end or database, and replies to the user problem or query and serves the web page.
Ensure that the server you choose should have good quality hosting, good CPU having enough storage. Your server should be efficient, provides flawless performance, it can adapt the fluctuations in traffic, and have good scalability.

App server optimization
After selecting the proper server, ensure that you also optimize your app server. For optimizing your app you should use App server optimization as it will improve the performance of your app and it ensures that the app functions run flawlessly in the case of higher traffic volumes. Mobile app development company the USA provides the best solution for app server optimization.
Some of the common steps for optimizing your app server are-

1.     Use a reverse proxy server
It provides the next level of generalization and control to ensure a good flow of network traffic between clients and servers. It is a type of server that is behind the firewall in case of a private network and sends the client request to the relevant backend server. The reverse proxy server reduces the multiple tasks that a server has to perform. It is connected directly to the internet and thus creates an additional internal network that handles interaction or communication faster.

2.     Load equalizer
The basic principle of load equalizer is that it distributes the load from a big server to different small servers and hence improves the performance of the app. It uses a set of pre-defined algorithms and distributes the incoming traffic to the right and appropriate server. In this, the response time is reduced and the performance of the app increases. It not only helps in improving the loading time but it also helps with SSL termination and caching stationery files. 

3.     Optimize the protocols
Now, many of the websites use SSL and TLS protocols. If SSL and TLS are not optimized then it may increase the loading speed.

4.     Cache data
Cache some of your data in the browser to decrease the loading time on the client-side. It is simple and the best way to increase the loading time of your app. Storing the commonly accessed data in the browser cache makes it quickly accessible to the user. If you optimize your cache properly then it will definitely improve your app performance and increase user satisfaction and engagement.

Compress the data
You should use the data compression standards like JPEG and PNG format for images, MP4 for videos and various others. Data compersion decreases the file size and makes their transfer and loading much easier.

Update your software
Software updates are very essential because the new update fixes the bugs and also provides new features thus gives better user experience and improves the performance of your app. Using the updated software also improves the performance of your app. New updates and new features not only increase the performance but also improves the user experience.

Track your performance
After optimizing different factors, its time to track your performance.
Tracking your performance is important because it gives you an idea on which factors you have improved and on which factors you need further improvement. If you monitor your performance on a consistent basis then it will help you to identify the bugs and problems easily and quickly.

If you want to improve the downloads of your app then it is very important that you should optimize your app. Taking a proper server and optimizing your app server not only improves the downloads but it also increases user engagement. Mobile app development company the USA is the leading app development company in the USA and provides the updated and highly optimize the app.


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